Corner Sofas

The corner sofa has made a come back in the last few years, largely because it fits well into some of the smaller living rooms in modern apartments and houses. The corner sofa often doubles as a sofa bed and is generally available in a range of colours, materials and styles. If you want somewhere for the occasional overnight guest to sleep, then a corner sofa with a built in bed is ideal when there is no spare room available. A leather corner sofa is always a popular choice and is a great addition to modern apartments. One of the best things about the corner sofa is its adaptability, the sofa looks great on its own in a small space and if you move and have a somewhat larger sitting room, you can always add extra pieces to your corner sofa.

Some manufacturers produce the corner sofa as a stand alone piece while others also make chairs and ordinary sofas to match. The corner sofa gives you plenty of choice on how to style and arrange your sitting room and works just as well in a studio flat or open plan living area as it does in more traditional settings. What type of corner sofa you choose will depend on the amount of space available and the general style of your décor. A black leather corner sofa fits well with modern, minimal styling, while squishy brown leather does well in more traditionally styled homes. If you have a large living area but need some extra seating then a corner sofa is an ideal choice. Whether you prefer leather or one of the attractive and durable textiles available in some showrooms now, is purely a matter of personal taste.


Sofas have taken over from the old three piece suite, while you can get matching sofas and chairs, it is far more usual nowadays for people to have either more than one sofa or a corner sofa and non-matching chairs. Interior design fashion changes over time, just as some styles of clothing go out of date, so how we furnish and decorate our homes also changes. The contemporary choice is clean and simple lines, very often in black, brown or off white leather and these types of sofas look well modern homes.

If you live in a traditional thirties or Victorian terraced house then you may prefer traditional looking sofas to something stark and modern. You can get corner sofas in a different styles and colours, and they fit well into what are sometimes oddly shaped rooms. If you want something extra special and you have plenty of money to spend then you may want to look out for one of the Italian designer corner sofas on the market today. Some designer sofas are readily available while other, more exclusive models can be made to order in a fabric or leather of your choice. There are so many different sofas on the market today, from large family seating arrangements, to two seater corner sofas, so there is bound to be something to suit most tastes.